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NB ’90s Music Project

Over a few drinks at Happy Boy, while discussing the concept for the global launch of the X-90 that we were pulling together, our client Liv made a comment which we’d been secretly wanting to hear since we first started working with New Balance – they wanted to try a dedicated music project.

We had already pieced together our wish list for artists to perform at the launch party, so we decided to see if we could pull it into a more encompassing campaign and intertwine the launch and the music project.

From there The Rewind Project was born – a nod to the ‘90s in the form of a music content piece with some of New Zealand’s brightest talent.

We chose Melodownz (MC), JessB (MC), Bailey Wiley (singer), and Baccyard (producer) to be the bones of the project and set them the task of creating a ‘90s inspired track that paid homage to the era which inspired the X-90s silhouette which you’ll see spliced throughout the content.

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