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Videos Impact On Our Media Landscape

Ever wondered what video, and in particular Facebook has done to modern journalism? Have a read of this in-depth analysis from Duncan Grieves as to why companies have shifted millions of dollars into video production, content creation and social media management, potentially blindly and ineffectively.


LINK: The data does lie: how Facebook’s fake video stats smashed NZ journalism.


“Facebook is entirely undemocratic, with no ability for its citizens to influence its governance. It has proven itself willing to undertake undisclosed experiments on its people, with express intent of altering their mood. It follows the techno-libertarian aversion to tax. When its citizens provide it crucial information to protect themselves, it sells that information without their permission. It allows itself to be a portal for nations to meddle in one another’s elections, and profits from that meddling. It stifles dissent, refusing to allow any post referencing Facebook to be boosted. When it has been co-opted to spread false stories regarding religious and ethnic minorities which have aided a genocide, its response is far too slow due to its obsession with finding engineering-based solutionsover human moderation. And when its systems prove faulty internally it does not inform those impacted by its failures.”


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