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New Balance MUSIC GRANT 2019

We’re honored to be collaborating with New Balance NZ to present to you our year-long pilot project of NEW BALANCE MUSIC.


(IMUGI for New Balance Music. Left: Yery Cho, right: Carl Ruwhiu)



New Balance NZ is putting Kiwi artists center stage by not only showcasing local talent but also generously providing a music grant with prizes worth over $10,000. For artists that are interested in taking part in this music project, all they need to do is simply visit the New Balance Music website at www.newbalance.co.nz/music/ and send in their application forms! That easy.


The 4 successful applicants for the music grants will receive tailored prize packages such as studio time, music video/media support, mentorship from music experts, and gear upgrades that will hopefully help shape their dreams into reality.


If you think you, or somebody that you know, has got what it takes to be our next star, don’t hesitate! Send in those applications now!

Take a look at our video of IMUGI as part of the New Balance Music Project:

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