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Megapixel Peeping with Batchwell

You may have noticed we love a little studio shoot every now and then. Having your own in house studio means we have a lot more time to play than most would. So when Batchwell wanted to launch their new collab with Kokako via some billboards, we thought it would be a great time to try out the high resolution photo mode of the Panasonic S1.


So we set about shooting this 180mp shot of the crispy collab. The S1 creates these high resolution images by shifting it’s sensor a minute amount over 8 different shots and then combining them all in camera. The outcome is a flawless super high resolution shot. We’ll now be using this feature all the time in the studio!


If you really want to pixel peep, here is a 70mb version you can download.

Batchwell x Kokako High Res

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