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Ever wondered what video, and in particular Facebook has done to modern journalism? Have a read of this in-depth analysis from Duncan Grieves as to why companies have shifted millions of dollars into video production, content creation and social media management, potentially blindly and ineffectively.   LINK: The data does lie: how Facebook’s fake video stats smashed NZ journalism.   "Facebook is entirely undemocratic, with no ability for its citizens to influence its governance. It

When Sneaker Freaker needed video and photography for their collab with New Balance to celebrate the anniversary of the 574, they knew who to call. We ventured down to last place in New Zealand you'd expect to find a bonified sneaker collection - Invercargill. We met Kevin Downie upon arrival and were instantly blown away by his warmth and humour. What followed was 2 days of southern hospitality and sneaker soaked

Over a few drinks at Happy Boy, while discussing the concept for the global launch of the X-90 that we were pulling together, our client Liv made a comment which we’d been secretly wanting to hear since we first started working with New Balance - they wanted to try a dedicated music project. We had already pieced together our wish list for artists to perform at the launch party, so we