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New Balance Music

IMUGI - A Dragon Is Born

Imugi may represent a Korean serpent that’s fallen from the sky whilst aiming for the heavens, but they’ve definitely landed on a good thing. Their sound is effortlessly smooth yet carries weight well beyond their years. Themes and motifs of cultural identity, sex, colour and creed run deep throughout their work. While lead singer Yery ruminates on what it means to be a woman of colour in this post-colonial country, Carl’s beats provide a sonic landscape which feels intimate yet expansive.

K2K - Music Made Better

A strong creative vision, high standards, and no corner-cutting are all essential to be able to pull off the ‘perfect’ music event. Her sharp attention to detail and continuous strive for perfection keeps K2K pushing the envelope with both her music and unique events that she curates. K2K has amassed a diverse following of open-minded music revellers who are striving to shift the societal norms that traditionally exist within the DJ and promoter space. Discover her journey and how she’s going beyond DJ’ing and producing to help create safer environments and communities for women, trans and non-binary people.

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