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New Balance ’90s Rewind Project

New Balance ’90s Rewind Project

Twenty-something years ago, a pop culture procreation arose offering unfiltered insight into urban culture glossed over in mainstream media. Hallmarked in history by its contribution to fashion and music, the ‘90s was a burst of energy, empowerment, expression and soul that has never been repeated quite in the same way. And as 2Pac, TLC and Notorious B.I.G were forging music history, our infamous 99x series was hitting its stride. Taking cues from its pop culture accomplice – music – the 99x series pushed the limits of fashion to the edge, taking an uncompromising focus on innovation and timeless style. These legendary silhouettes were game-changers for ‘90s fashion, paving the way of the ‘Dad Shoe’ trend. Fast-forward to 2018, it’s no surprise that this legendary design series still forges fashion trends, indicative in the latest X-90 release.

Building off ‘90s music as a key driver inspiring the 99x series, and recent X-90, we presented a challenge to three local artists, each who encapsulate a unique presence in music, today. We asked them to explore the ‘90s in all its complexities, and come out with a track which pays homage to this iconic decade.


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